Adele Hartland

London, United Kingdom

Adele is driven by a deep passion and desire to make a real and lasting difference in the world.

Her sense of purpose is fulfilled through motivating and inspiring others to realise their full potential and move from a head space of striving or surviving to one of thriving.

Adele has over 20 years international experience working with businesses and individuals across various sectors and industries. From as early as she can remember, she has always been people focused, so without a doubt, the single most rewarding and fulfilling aspect was, and still is, witnessing an individual’s personal development and success.

Adele is a certified coach, change management practitioner, behaviour specialist and Mind Mentor, whose journey has been one of self-discovery and aligning with her true purpose and passion. This has resulted in her now consciously creating and living the life of her dreams, a life no longer plagued with anxiety, guilt, overwhelm, self-doubt or limiting beliefs.

Adele was first drawn to the QM program for her own personal development, however, since having experienced the profound changes in her life, is now committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with others, so that they too may reach unparalleled levels of success and happiness in all areas of their lives, by overcoming their personal challenges and unproductive habits that have been holding them back. 

Adele has also experienced the pain of witnessing loved ones who have been unable to cope, suffered from depression or turned to self-medication through drugs and alcohol, which has further fueled her desire to help others through providing them with not only love, support and compassion, but also the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to reclaim their power and live the life they want.

“We all have an innate sense of who we want to be and what we want to do and bring to the world, but sometimes as life progresses, we forget what that is. With the continued rise of stress and mental health issues around the world, it is imperative now more than ever that we align with our true selves and higher purpose. At times, life and the challenges it brings can make us feel like we're driving down a dark dirt road at full speed with no brakes! My aim is to shine a light and provide support and guidance so that your journey can continue in cruise control, allowing you to fully experience all the beauty and joy that life has to offer.

QM is not just a one off program – it’s a journey, a process of ‘re-minding’ yourself who you really are, and re-activating your true power through implementing new positive habits that simply become a way of life, empowering you to take full control and become the very best version of yourself.

Each one of us is the sole architect of our life. I will educate  you on how  to take your power back,  stop self-sabotaging, move beyond limiting beliefs and/or negative thought patterns and in so doing make your dreams your personal reality....take the leap!"


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