April Holdsworth

Certified Mind Mentor
NSW, Australia

My career roles have included Office Manager, Trainer, Executive Assistant, Sales Leader, Branch Manager, Business Owner, Employee Engagement Specialist, Global Coach Support Manager and now a Mind Mentor. I have always loved the opportunity to make a difference and mentoring others is a truly fulfilling role!

April Holdsworth has worked for many years in a wide range of companies and industries. Passionate about making a difference to the success of those around her, April has become trained and experienced in a variety of fields which all center around ‘people’.  As soon as old enough to adequately answer the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ April answered wholeheartedly “teaching”. Whilst her career has seen her take up a variety of challenging roles, her core focus has always remained to personally support others to become the very best versions of themselves.

Throughout her career as a trainer, sales leader, branch manager, business owner, employee engagement specialist, coach support manager and now a mind mentor: the stand out skills have been in the area of change management, culture improvement and embracing the opportunity. April’s experience and superior ability to encourage others to ‘be their best’ is why she is sought after by many who are looking to improve themselves on every level.

Generating smiles that come from a deep level of excitement and living each day with a high level of energy, positivity, excitement, and optimism is what drives April to embrace the process to a Quality Mind.  The deep passion for impacting others comes from her own unique experiences in a variety of situations, life lessons, and industries.

Whilst it is a well-known cliché – it truly remains that work is not working when you are so very passionate about what you do and would choose to do it even without payment. There are so many possibilities waiting for those who choose a Quality Mind!

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