Bruce Wilson

Certified Mind Mentor
New Zealand

“Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Confidence and Action”

Bruce draws on a widely varied background to give a unique depth to his mentoring and coaching. After self-selecting out of a university degree in the first year he explored work and life in ways as diverse as: quality control inspection, truck driving, living in a housetruck as part of the ’hippie’ scene, owning a commercial beekeeping business, contracting as a freelance motivator and tutor until ultimately devoting 19 years as a Master Business Coach and Trainer for a global business coaching organization. This breadth of experience forged his core personal qualities of: Adventure, Inner Strength, Trustworthiness, Growth, Achievement, Challenge, Curiosity, Honesty, Going through the many challenges of this journey Bruce realized that most people live lives far short of their potential purely because of the limited way that they perceive themselves and the world. In his work as a Business Coach he found that unless the owner grew and developed to live their life more fully and completely then the business would not grow, in spite of all the technical and practical knowledge available. Quality Mind proved to be an important personal growth experience both for him personally and as a process he could use mentoring people to work at a deeper mental level without needing complex psychological programmes. To Bruce the most satisfying results of the work done using Quality Mind tools are the very practical outcomes in terms of achievement, wealth, health and well being When asked what excites him in the work he does as Mind Mentor Bruce replies: “Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Confidence and Action”

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