Leigh Stafford

Director of Corporate
Melbourne, Australia

Award-winning Financial Planner & Premiership Coach, Player & Leadership Specialist

After 24 years leading teams and running businesses in the Finance Industry, the penny finally dropped. As much as Leigh loved helping people with their money, his true passion was seeing people strive hard, and get in touch with what is truly important to them and make their heartfelt dreams happen. Having always been passionate about self and team development, including successfully coaching many sporting teams at senior and junior level, Leigh’s transition to mentoring was inevitable.

Like all of us, Leigh has had to overcome some significant adversity as a child, which led to him making plenty of mistakes in his 20’s and 30’s. With good grace, hard work and some soul-searching, Leigh has now been able to access a system that has placed him on his true north – becoming a Quality Mind Mentor.

His true passion is in providing young people with the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, making becoming a Mind Mentor a natural progression. The Championship Performance Model provides the perfect vehicle for Leigh to share his experiences and help his clients follow their highest excitement.

Leigh is now enthusiastically delivering Quality Mind programs and workshops that have helped hundreds of people connect with what really makes them tick and live healthier, happier lives.

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